Keep it simple to boost display ad effectiveness

Research results by Dynamic Logic, released today, stresses that you can’t be clever or coy and expect to maximize your ad’s effectiveness.

Here are two take-aways from the report:

  1. “Reveal” ads are almost always ineffective: This is seen across all industries as a key component that differentiates best and worst campaign performers. A few exceptions to this rule are video ads, which are much more likely to succeed in this format but are still risky, as well as ads with high entertainment or comedic value.
  2. The use of human imagery is important: Human imagery appears to be a key factor in the success of most online campaigns but in particular, among financial services ads which have traditionally been more text heavy and therefore less effective at building awareness and persuasion.

No only is human imagery important, faces making eye contact are particularly effective in terms of later brand recall.

Probably the most important message here is to produce multiple display ads and continually test.

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