Jeff Larche is incredibly knowledgeable and possesses a unique set of skills that span data, analytics, loyalty, platforms (AdTech & MarTech), optimization, and marketing. Jeff isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and learn new solutions, both technical and strategic, while at the same time managing teams and stakeholder relationships. Beyond his wisdom and intelligence, Jeff is great to work with. Anyone lucky enough to have crossed his path will have learned a lot from him about analytics, but also about how to lead creatively and optimistically

Brad Herndon
Managing Director, Personalization, Data & Analytics Practice Lead
Accenture Interactive
Oct., 2020

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff as his client. British Petroleum (BP) analytics needed help, and he stepped in and went above and beyond to reset the program and help us deliver a number of new valuable insights. He didn’t follow the status quo and pushed us to look beyond our standard practices by bringing us new ideas based on his past experiences. And while his work is great, what really makes Jeff stand out is his contagious energy and optimism. Thank you for all you’ve done for BP, Jeff!

Rebecca Lopes
CRM & Analytics Marketing Manager
Oct., 2020

Not only does Jeff have a deep passion for what he does, he also has broad, hands-on technical expertise across a wide tech stack that is invaluable during all stages of operation — implementation most of all. Jeff also has a fabulous way with people. Navigating the terrain that comes with old mindsets, new technology and new processes can be tricky, but it’s something that Jeff is very skillful at. He has an amazing ability to “move the unbudgeable” and prevent projects from going off the rails at the critical moment. I was very lucky to be managed by him during my time with Subway.

Chad Sanderson
Experience Optimization Manager
June, 2018

I was fortunate to work with Jeff for 1.5 years. He was instrumental in setting up Subway’s analytics capability. He also helped build our team of data scientists, established processes, and set the strategy. Jeff is a wonderfully collaborative partner and mentor with an incredible work ethic and sense of responsibility. Anyone would be lucky to have Jeff on their team.

Carissa Ganelli
Chief Digital Officer
June, 2018

I can’t recommend Jeff highly enough. He is THE go-to-guy for marketing analytics, and a truly outstanding all-around web marketing resource. I seriously consider anyone who has Jeff on their team to have an unfair competitive advantage. It’s a rare individual is the combination of scary-smart and a pleasure to work with

Sue Spaight
Director of Insights and Strategy
Core Creative
May, 2010