What is Digital Solid? It’s over five years worth of blog posts by Jeff Larche, covering the exploding topic of marketing technology. He explains his approach in one of his entries:

I strive to not  be part of the echo chamber that is current public discourse. By echo chamber, I mean the repetition of the same hot concept or idea until it starts to sound credible. Many occupational blogs (as opposed to recreational blogs), merely convey the industry “news” of the day.

Sometimes that’s worthwhile. But other times, the repetition contributes to a pattern of half-baked ideas taking on more significance than they deserve. My hope is to make sense of what’s happening or about to happen in marketing technology — and occasionally to pass along a juicy tip or two that you can use right now.

Rishad Tobaccowala, chief innovation officer of Publicis, put it well. He’s with one of the world’s biggest advertising groups. Tobaccowala was quoted in The Economist as saying, “All of us have been classically trained, and now we’re in a jazz age.”

He concludes, “And we’re all riffing.” It’s my hope that this blog will help keep the improvisation going.

He also contributes occasionally to these blogs:

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