Digital out-of-home has unique power to interest consumers

Boring old out-of-home is a surprisingly promising medium for engaging consumers. This can be seen in its recent growth. Due in large part to the advent of digital billboards, spending for out-of-home advertising has grown by 8% for the last three years (surpassed in growth only by online advertising).

Digital Billboards Are “Interesting”

The ability to vary and customize digital billboards has yet to be fully explored. But even with relatively “dumb” billboards, consumers are paying attention. Research conducted by SeeSaw Networks (June 2007/July 2008), and reported in MediaPost recently (registration required), highlights the power of today’s digital billboards to generate consumer interest. Here’s one of the findings in that research:

Advertising On The Media Is Interesting

Medium Percentage of Base
Digital Signage














Mobile Phone


Base: Among those who have seen ads in the media in the past 12 months

As media options continue to explode — and consumer attention progressively splinters — reaching people where they work and play will be even more important to marketers. I’m excited to see how innovations in out-of-home step in to fill that need.

2 Replies to “Digital out-of-home has unique power to interest consumers”

  1. Whereas a static billboard, by its very nature can be interesting for only its first viewing, then can quickly reach tedium…I mean, does the advertiser REALLY believe I’m going to finally visit Habinsel Volkswagen if I finally drive by that blessed sign enough times? (It becomes part of the landscape like a tree, even an irritation….) a digital billboard has the capacity to keep interest with movement, and the ability to change its message more frequently, if not its advertiser, a key to keeping consumer interest, I would think. It could even be something to look forward to seeing what’s going on there TODAY.

    Of course, in my case, it means I’ve left Esky!!! 😉

  2. Congratulation, Ann, on being the first contributor to this blog from my hometown (Escanaba, Michigan — aka, “Esky”).

    These billboards have gravitated toward more populous parts of the country, but they could definitely take some of the tedium out of rural drives.

    Then again, maybe it’s best to keep watch for deer. 🙂

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