You betcha! Wisconsin ranks high in Agreeableness, Extraversion

Many of my clients are from outside the Midwest. I’ve always thought they chose us over other marketing technology firms because the home of Laverne and Shirley is thought of as hard-working. Turns out, they just like that Wisconsinites are push-overs. According to research reported in the Wall Street Journal, Wisconsin rates high for both Extraversion and Agreeableness. Surprisingly, we’ve only in the middle, in terms of Conscientiousness. Here’s the map, with results for Wisconsin showing higher ratings closer to zero:

Wisconsin's Personality Scores

I wish I could say Wisconsinites, in most cases, are open-minded. Not so, says the numbers. But I’d like to think that our offices being in Milwaukee and Madison means we buck the state-wide trend.

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  1. Both @rshevlin and @alkrueger asked me on Twitter (their questions are here and here) how Wisconsinites — in general — can be both extraverts and NOT open. The answer is how openness is defined in the research. It’s defined thus:

    According to the article, “High scores for openness to new ideas strongly correlates to liberal social values and Democratic voting habits.”

    Wisconsin is a swing state. For example, its electoral votes have been hotly contested in almost all of the last presidential elections of the past three decades.

    So, as a whole, this state is gregarious but wary, according to the research. How very Heartland of us!

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