OMMA presents the vanguard of online metrics and measurement

I’ve recently disparaged the Kabuki dance of trade conferences. But even I admit they have their place. In fact, today I find myself especially sorry I won’t be able to make next week’s OMMA Metrics and Measurement Conference in New York’s Yale Club. In one day those attending it will hear from some of the industry’s leaders, and I frankly cannot find a single presentation where I’d find an excuse to duck out. That’s quite a feat.

One Day Event, Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009
9:00 AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Jodi McDermott,
Director, Data Strategy,

Clearspring Technologies

9:15 AM

Keynote- The State of the Union for the Metrics Industry

We are well past the first 100 days of 2009 and a lot has changed, yet nothing has changed.  New technologies and social media have invaded the online channels that we’ve become accustomed to. Yet the foundatiolid.   Jeffrey Eisenberg, CEO of FutureNow, will walk us through a report card of the online measurement industry and address what’s next and what we need to do better as marketers, practitioners and vendors in order to support the shift of ad dollars from offline to online.
Jeffrey Eisenberg,
Co-founder & CEO,

FutureNow, Inc.

9:45 AM

Audience Measurement

How is the role of the audience measurement firm evolving? We’ve got panel, direct measurement and hybrid approaches to address today’s industry challenges. Who’s on top? Which approaches should advertisers and markw the approaches differ and the impact differences make on the numbers we are trying to study. We will also touch on the new IAB industry guidelines and what they mean to the standardization of reporting on audience metrics.
Joe Laszlo,
Director of Research,

Interactive Advertising Bureau

Josh Chasin,
Chief Research Officer,


Adam Gerber,
Chief Marketing Officer,


Yaakov Kimelfeld,
SVP, Director, Digital Research & Analytics,


Mainak Mazumdar,
SVP, Global Measurement Science, Emerging Media,

The Nielsen Company

10:30 AM

Coffee Break

10:45 AM

The Analytics Food Chain

How do you use audience measurement, campaign analysis tools and web analytics to plan and measure the efficacy of your marketing campaigns? With standards set by various organizations and new technologies providindecisions from. This panel will focus on understanding the differences and synergies of panel and census data from the various parts of the analytics food chain – what to use and when.
Jodi McDermott,
Director, Data Strategy,

Clearspring Technologies

Andy Fisher,
VP, Analytics,


Dennis Mortensen,
Director of Data Insights,


Judah Phillips,
Senior Director, Global Site Analytics,

Monster Worldwide

Greg Smith,
Chief Operating Officer,


Bill Tancer,
General Manager of Global Research,


11:30 AM

Measuring Video and Virality

The video market is exploding with numerous vendors, business models and technology. What are the metrics and how do they fit into measuring user engagement and advertising models within video? This panel will exploity, and tying the stream back to site activity and customer conversion.
Tania Yuki,
Director, Product Management,


Scott Ferber,
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,


Jayant Kadambi,
President and Co-Founder,


Matt Langie,
Senior Director, Product Marketing,

Omniture Inc.

Keith Richman,

Break Media

Brian Shin,

Visible Measures

12:15 PM


1:30 PM

Keynote: Measuring Madison Avenue

Campaigns have moved well beyond the impression and click in today’s distributed and fragmented world of online advertising.  Interactive campaigns that include the ability for users to share, respond and mashug dollars. Curt Hecht, President of the VivaKi Nerve Center, will  take attendees through the measurement challenges that are facing agencies as they introduce new methods and new media for reaching their client’s target audience.
Curt Hecht,

VivaKi Nerve Center

2:00 PM

Campaign Attribution

If the click is dead, how do I know how to attribute success to my campaign? Should it be on the first impression view, the click or the viewthrough? As debate continues in the industry over how to gauge campaign sends are emerging and if there is a solution to the question that has been plaguing the industry for years.
Joe Mandese,
Editor in Chief,


Michael Brunick,
VP Media Technology,


Ari Buchalter,
Chief Operating Officer,


Adam Goldberg,
Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer,


Katrin Ribant,
Director of Product Development,

Artemis, Havas Digital

Esco Strong,
Senior Group Manager, Atlas Institute,


2:45 PM

When The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Do you know when to pull the plug on a campaign that is performing poorly? Or how to take action on the data once you have the results? Taking the metrics and turning them into actions is often a forgotten or weaknd optimization in meeting the goals of your marketing initiatives.
Joshua Koran,
VP, Targeting and Optimization,


Srishti Gupta,
Senior Partner, Insights & Analytics Director,

MediaCom Interaction

Ben Seslija,
Senior Director, Acquisition and Analytics,


Mark Wachen,
Managing Director,

Autonomy Optimost

3:30 PM

Coffee Break

3:45 PM

Integrating Online and Offline Data

Tying the shelf or online purchase to the campaign data that you collect is a great concept, but not easy to implement in reality. This panel will expose you to companies who have e stronger relationship with their customers and control costs.
Doug McFarland,

Dimestore Media

Joe Apprendi,

Collective Media

Jarvis Bowers,
VP, Research and Analytics,


Roman Bukary,
VP, Marketing & Business Development,

Truviso Corporation

Ryan Christensen,
VP, Media Operations,

Jason Harper,
Group Director, Marketing Intelligence,

Organic, Inc.

4:30 PM

The “Ins and Outs” of Measuring Social Media

Are your customers on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace? You are naïve if you say “no”. People of all demographics are engaging with each other and brands online like never before. Marketers trying to reach this audien this panel we will cover topics such as application installs, engagement, widgets, blogs, corporate Twittering and more.
Nick O’Neill,

Social Times Inc.

Maurice Boissiere,
Vice President, Client Solutions,

Clearspring Technologies

Sarah Hofstetter,
Vice President, Emerging Media & Client Strategy,


Ed McLoughlin,
Managing Director,


Jerry Needel,
Senior Vice President, BuzzMetrics Product Leadership,

Nielsen Online

Jason Richman,
Director, Digital Product Strategy,

NBC Universal

Are you attending? If so, please contact me and let me know your thoughts on this first-ever event. But don’t go on too much about how terrific it was. That will just break my heart.