Google Reader replaces that stack of half-read books

Thank you, Google. I think. Today for the first time, I clicked a mysterious link in my Google Reader (which reads RSS feeds — click on the “Subscribe”button above if you don’t know what those three letters stand for). The link is labeled “Trends.” Below is what I found when I clicked it.

My so-called reading habits. Click if you’re the nosey type and want my top-read blogs

Oh, I see. That’s why I have over 1,000 unread items in my Google Reader.

So which is worse: Having to look at a stack of half-read books and looming New Yorker and Economist magazines (more on taming them later this week), or visiting Google Reader and being greeted with a chart of my crap reading habits?

4 Replies to “Google Reader replaces that stack of half-read books”

  1. I have both a stack of books I have been purchasing over the past couple months AND my google reader that look like this.

    I know how you feel 😛

  2. But still nothing can beat the greatness of books! Google reader might be advisable for knowing easily a certain thing but to understand completely, it’s better to read books. I’m saying this through my own experience. It’s just like having a different choice and we should respect it. Peace!

  3. Good point, Rhei. In fact, I will be posting a blog tomorrow (2/5/08) about how technology promises to make books more valuable. It’s a tall order, because as a bit of a bibliophile, I couldn’t imagine a world without them! 🙂

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