Google Reader replaces that stack of half-read books

Thank you, Google. I think. Today for the first time, I clicked a mysterious link in my Google Reader (which reads RSS feeds — click on the “Subscribe”button above if you don’t know what those three letters stand for). The link is labeled “Trends.” Below is what I found when I clicked it.

My so-called reading habits. Click if you’re the nosey type and want my top-read blogs

Oh, I see. That’s why I have over 1,000 unread items in my Google Reader.

So which is worse: Having to look at a stack of half-read books and looming New Yorker and Economist magazines (more on taming them later this week), or visiting Google Reader and being greeted with a chart of my crap reading habits?

Published by Jeff Larche

With a background that includes direct marketing and customer relationship management (CRM), Jeff Larche brings an unusual approach to his work. What these other two disciplines have in common is database marketing, and they continue to strongly influence his work as marketing technology leader.

4 replies on “Google Reader replaces that stack of half-read books”

  1. But still nothing can beat the greatness of books! Google reader might be advisable for knowing easily a certain thing but to understand completely, it’s better to read books. I’m saying this through my own experience. It’s just like having a different choice and we should respect it. Peace!

  2. Good point, Rhei. In fact, I will be posting a blog tomorrow (2/5/08) about how technology promises to make books more valuable. It’s a tall order, because as a bit of a bibliophile, I couldn’t imagine a world without them! 🙂

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