It’s time again for Online Community Month

It’s June 1. That marks the beginning of my second annual Online Community Month. Last year’s handful of June posts discussed how technology has affected our society 10 years after the publication of the chilling book, Bowling Alone.

Also, I and a few experts on the subject, talked about historical trends and recent measurements in what has been termed social capital.

Results we a mixed bag, as this last post of the series reveals.

Over the course of this month, I’ll be focusing more on how technology is helping communities come together from two perspectives:

  • How is micro-blogging connecting unlikely groups of individuals for the common good?
  • How is technology making remote work more “social,” and doing more to forge the type of friendships and camaraderie we usual associate with physicial workplaces (of the fortunate!)

More discussions of marketing technology ROI

Along the way will be a few suprises. Just as important for my regular readers, you can still expect news and trends directly related to digital marketing will also continue to be explored in Jue — all filtered through the wide-ranging experiences and passions of a Midwestern marketing wonk.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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