Imagine a web site without a click

Thank you to The Thinking Blog for tipping me off to this amazing Flash-driven site where you experience web browsing without using your mouse button. The demonstrations provided can be quite disorienting, but the site reminds us that web navigation is continuing to evolve. Some of the techniques are already used today.

Ilker Yoldas, the blog’s author, suggests that this experience could be the interface used where a mouse button is impractical. He suggests the Wii. I’m also thinking about a giant touchscreen, where tapping is less intuitive than simply dragging one’s finger.

I strongly suggest you check out both and Ilker’s blog entry about it. And while you’re at his site, for pity’s sake, don’t shoot the dog!

2 Replies to “Imagine a web site without a click”

  1. Interesting. once I knew what to expect I was able to prepare by changing my grip. Still, there were things that I felt needed more information as far as what was expected.

    It reminds me of the interface in the movie minority report. I would enjoy interacting with information that way.

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