Join the Bum Rush for Charity Water!

I’ve been blogging about the book series Age of Conversation, and its affiliated Social Media Bum Rushes for charity, since the first one in 2008. I’m proud to have a chapter in their latest volume, Age Of Conversation III: Time To Get Busy. Within its pages I’m in extremely good company, with 170 other social media pros. My very brief chapter (really a micro-chapter, with a lower word count than most of my blog posts) is on social media analytics.

I am pleased to announce that we’re staging another Bum Rush today, on Blog Action Day.

Each year any blogger who wishes to participate in Blog Action Day writes on the same theme. This year’s theme is water. So let me tell you about Charity Water. It’s a nonprofit organization that brings safe and clean drinking water to developing nations.

Now, every sale of Age Of Conversation III: Time To Get Busy goes to support Charity Water and help developing nations get clean, safe drinking water.

How cool is that? Please join our bum rush. You’ll learn more about the power of social media, and become part of the solution to one of the world’s toughest health challenges.

How do you join the Bum Rush? Generate more sales of book at Purchase it yourself and encourage others to as well. If you work for an organization that hands out Christmas gifts, get them to pop for multiple copies. They make great gifts!

One caveat: Please only purchase 1 copy at a time because counts bulk orders as one.

You can buy the Kindle version here (it’s the Charity Water affiliate link). You can get the paperback version here and the hardback version here (the other two Charity Water affiliate links). What else can you do? Here are seven ideas:

  1. Register for Blog Action Day.
  2. Blog about Blog Action Day and mention Age Of Conversation: Time To Get Busy. Use the same affiliate links that are in this post so that Charity Water can get its contribution.
  3. Join the conversation on Twitter. Use hashtags #aoc3 and #BAD10 for your comments about the book.
  4. Trackback or comment on today’s post about the Bum Rush at
  5. Digg, Stumble and bookmark on all the posts you see about the event, including yours.
  6. Become a Facebook fan of Age of Conversation 3 (“AoC3“) and interact with us on Facebook.
  7. Send an e-mail to all your friends and get them involved too.

If we all band together and work for a common cause, we can make a difference. Join us in the bum rush on October 15, 2010 and help us raise money for Charity Water.

Check out this archive for some online ad inspiration

Four years ago, when I first started this blog, one of the first members of the “legitimate” blogging community to pay me notice was James A. Gardner. At the time he was a senior director at Aquent. He also had one of the most ambitious “hobby blogs” I’d ever encountered. It’s, a site that’s still going strong. Its tag line is The World’s Tastiest Collection of Online Advertising.

Tasty and comprehensive!

It was an impressive site when I first checked it out, a constant source of inspiration and competitive intelligence. It has recently gotten better. I especially like the category of Ads By Brand.

The ads are also tagged well. I clicked on the tag “Films” (found in the tag cloud, in the right column) and saw the ad to the right for The Social Network.

It’s hard to believe James is still at this archive site — all while serving as marketing director for the Boston computer hardware start-up Litl. I know from my work as marketing advisor of HarQen how demanding that can be!

Do check out this useful resource, and me know what you think of it.

Note: My first mention of the site in a post was Ads with prancing cowboys may annoy, but they sure do work